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100% natural macerate, without any chemical treatment or additive. 100% of the total ingredients are from organic farming. Macerate is rich in provitamin A, which has excellent antioxidant properties. Carrots promote tanning, beautiful skin tone, healthy glow. It perfectly softens the skin and helps maintain a nice and even complexion.
Macerate has an intense orange color and a plant smell, slightly sour.
Macerate contains:
-β-carotene (provitamin A), xanthine derivatives, lutein: responsible for macerate color and healthy skin radiance, powerful antioxidants.
-Triglycerides and phospholipids: emollient effect, helps maintain skin barrier function.


What the macerate does:
-Gives skin a healthy glow;
-Promotes tanning and allows the skin to maintain a nice even tan after sun exposure;
-Rich in antioxidants, eliminates the signs of skin aging;
Softens, maintains the elastic structure of the skin.

When to use?

-For dull, tired skin;
-For dry skin;
-For skin that lacks vitality.


-Tanning oil for the body, mixing it with another oil in a concentration of 50-80%;
-After sunbathing to moisturize the skin and maintain a nice tan, mixing it with other oils in a concentration of 30-50%;
-To prevent the signs of skin aging, add a daily face cream;
-The effect of "healthy glow" if added to the cream.
Attention! The oil can color clothes or pillowcases.


BIO Carrot macerate, 30 ml