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100% pure and natural, unprocessed, without any chemical treatment, organic.
Soft as cotton itself! Cottonseed oil is rich in linoleic acid and is valued for its emollient properties.
The essential fatty acid content of the oil makes it an excellent skin conditioning ingredient.
The oil has no odor, light color.



What does oil do?
-Softens and regenerates, helps to restore the skin's hydrolipid film;
-A source of softness, leaving the skin feeling velvety and satin;
-Dry and silky touch, nourishing the skin without the feeling of an oily film;
-The oil is almost odorless.

When to use?

-Dry and dehydrated skin;
-For delicate and sensitive skin;
-Mature, tired skin.


-Silky smooth massage oils;
-Moisturizing and nourishing care for dry and damaged skin;
-Soothing after shave care;
-Regenerating oil after sunbathing.

BIO Cotton oil, 30 ml