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Plant and floral  serums are hand-made after every client’s particular order. They stay fresh for 2 months, refrigerating is not mandatory. The serums are free of water, thickeners, consistency improvers, colorants and synthetic aromatics. These serums are the vital and fresh treatment your skin was longing for.  The serums consist only of active substances and are not heated in order to retain all the active ingredients. In their natural form, each ingredient is recognised and utilised by our body.

Plant and floral essential oils, cold-pressed oils, macerates, bio aloe vera, medical plant extracts  


are the only base ingredients that you will find in our vitalising serums.


we ...

My name is Agnese. I live in beautiful Latvia.
I have a solid experience working in the field of industrial cosmetics, I could never immerse myself as deep in the creative process as now, when I carefully make each serum by myself. 

I’d say that these two before-mentioned realms are the polar opposites - industrial cosmetics and a very modest, intimate little serumatory (a lovely word I just made up putting ‘serum’ and ‘laboratory’ together) where every bottle has been cradled to perfection. Each of these areas, naturally, has its pros and cons.

My little serumatory is inspired by my dreams and the feeling of what we as women at this time might want and need - plants, natural scents, essential oils, harmonious rituals, serenity… Peaceful, sensitive, mystical, sensual, soulful - these are the keywords that might describe my sentiment towards my craft and life in general.

It might not be for everyone, but for some - it is everything.

I intwine these feelings in my serums, because a beauty ritual is something we return to every day. It needs to sooth us and offer solace and a whole array of other positive emotions on many different levels.

​The serums are laboratory tested, analysed and recognised as 100% safe. Every type of serum is documented and every type of ingredient has been tested and declared as safe and certified. The ingredients are produced in  France and Germany, the majority of them BIO and ECOCERT certified. The essential oils are pure, natural and certified. Having mentioned all of that, I should add that the strict laws and high standards are not getting in the way of the therapeutic and peaceful serum-creating ritual.


Offer your skin the serum of your choice  and observe how it feels; how you feel. Talking from experience: different floral serums offer various sensations, because every plant comes with its own story.

If you can’t choose the ingredients based on their properties, follow the simple rule of like/dislike - which plants speak to you the most? Which do you find so irresistible your hand is literally reaching on to click on it? This plant will be the one for you!

These serums could be described as little pieces of litmus paper or puny transformers with a beautiful and delicate plant spirit, that demands you to look deeper inside yourself, truly understanding what your essence is, at the same time nourishing and pampering your skin. Just like with everything in life - some might never look back and stop consuming  industrial cosmetics altogether, some might not be convinced by our natural serums.

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