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This gorgeous pastel yellow serum is filled with sunshine and possesses a slightly bitter honey aroma. The main role is played by the humble sun-filled Immortelle (or Dwarf Everlast, also medically known as Helichrysum Arenarium).

This serum sculpts and tones the skin, delays ageing process, leaving the skin youthful, perky and glowing. It deeply, yet gently cleanses and heels any micro tears, removes blemishes. Expect the perfect hydration and nourishment from this sunshine elixir.

You can take a swim in it when it seems there isn’t enough love on this planet - it will prove you otherwise. Immortelle stands for courage, opens the heart to new sensations and creates harmony. It’s the symbol of eternity, hence its powerful name.

Use this lush serum, feeling eternal freedom and peace.

Contains :

- aloe vera, rich in minerals and vitamins;

- regenerating jojoba oil;

- healing calendula oil,

-combo brown algae extract, which prevents aging, stimulates fibroblast formation and promotes collagen synthesis. It has a proven effect on wrinkles and skin firmness.

- Immortelle essential oil. Heals, protects and rejuvenates mature skin. Imortelle is a unique plant, highly potent and energetic, which contrasts its innocent and gentle physique. Still waters run deep;

- Vitamin E.


You can use two-layer serum in 3 ways:

-for best results, it is advised to give the bottle a shake in order to mix in the valuable oil with refreshing aloe vera gel. It will provide you with a rich serum that can be picked up with the help of the dropper and directly applied to the face. The aloe vera gel helps the oil to be absorbed by the skin, maximising the effect.

- do not shake the bottle and pick up only the oil level with the dropper (ideal for a relaxing and warming bedtime skincare routine)

- do not shake the bottle and pick up only the aloe vera gel, if you wish to refresh and moisturise your skin in the morning or on a hot summer day.

In comparison to gel-serum, two-layer serum is richer and oiler, yet it won’t leave your face greasy - the oils are perfectly absorbed by your face with the help of aloe vera gel. The serum can be used before bedtime (in the morning your face will be fresh and plump, without any creases and lines) or also in the morning - your skin will be prepared for the day ahead and glowing.
Two-layer serum doesn’t contain olive squalene, but is richer in oils.
Many clients prefer to try out both, before committing to their favourite formula.


Immortelle two-layer serum