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A mystically blueish (sometimes greenish, depending on the essential oil concentration) serum that regenerates, rejuvenates and deeply tends to your skin’s every need.

After application the skin will be left soft, elastic and unmistakably fresh.

This anti-inflammatory serum helps the skin’s natural healing abilities, soothing it along the process. Yarrow encourages you to believe in yourself, filling you with peace and equilibrium. By presenting you with the introspective gift of self-exploration, it permits you to drop your guard and stop shying away from your true self.

You don’t need a mask to use this serum. Let your true self shine.

Contains :

- aloe vera, rich in minerals and vitamins;

- regenerating jojoba oil;

- yarrow ether;

- olive squalane, which is similar to natural skin lipids, helps to restore the lipid barrier and protects the skin from dehydration, improves elasticity, heals;

-wild thistle extract, dermal regenerator: stimulates collagen synthesis, which strengthens sensitive skin and restores tone to mature skin;

- vitamin E.


Yarrow gel-serum

  • BIO aloe. Nourishing, provides the skin with vitamins and trace elements necessary for its beauty. Stimulates skin regeneration and takes care of skin that is prone to redness.
    Firming and rejuvenating effect. Some of the active elements in aloe vera are known to stimulate fibroblast formation, collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis.
    Although aloe vera gel is very transparent, it forms a protective film on the surface of the skin against wind, salty air, the sun or air pollution.
    Contains a lot of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, E.
    Contains minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, chlorine, manganese, magnesium, copper, chromium, zinc). Aloe vera juice contains more than 20 minerals needed for the proper functioning of various skin enzyme systems. An excellent moisturizer, aloe vera gel helps to compensate for water loss in the skin.


    BIO Jojoba oil oil / wax. Jojoba oil / wax is an invigorating and balancing agent for oily, dull, tired skin. This oil has similar properties to sebum (a substance that protects the skin from the effects of the environment). Protects the skin from dehydration. Nourishing, absorbed without leaving a greasy film. Jojoba oil is known for its soothing and rejuvenating action. Protective, emollient, suitable for sensitive skin. Helps maintain skin elasticity, reduces the signs of skin aging.



    Wild thistle extract. Restores the skin barrier, improves elasticity, prevents skin dehydration, especially for sensitive and dry skin. Takes care of damaged skin. Restructuring and regenerative. Stimulates the process of keratinocyte differentiation and strengthens cell cohesion. Dermal regenerator: stimulates collagen synthesis, which strengthens sensitive skin and restores vitality of mature skin. Perfect for mature, "tired" skin, it will serve as a thirst-quenching, rejuvenating and toning agent.



    Squalane. A similar substance is also produced by the human skin glands and provides flexibility, protection and moisture balance in the skin. Squalane helps restore the lipid barrier and protects the skin from dehydration. Emollient and protective. It does not clog pores, improves skin elasticity, does not cause allergies, heals dry, chapped skin, improves skin tone, softens the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles, revitalizes and makes the skin radiant.



    Yarrow essential oil possesses excellent healing and antibacterial properties. It perfectly cares for oily skin with tendency to break out, rejuvenates and nourishes it without leaving it greasy.

    Achilles carried yarrow with him because of its capability to heal wounds, hence ‘Achillea Millefolium’is this potent plant’s latin name.

    Spiritually this philosophical plant encourages you to believe in yourself, show and cherish your essence, not hide away or wear a mask. It levels our emotions and graces us with inner peace.



    Vitamin E - natural, plant-derived vitamin E. An excellent anti-age active ingredient, especially recommended for dry and mature skin and after sunbathing. Blocks the action of free radicals on the skin, in particular reduces cell damage associated with UV exposure. Anti-inflammatory activity on the skin (useful in case of sunburn, rash). Helps maintain skin elasticity and hydration by strengthening the skin's hydrolipid film. Improves skin microcirculation. Antioxidant.

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